How to Check EPF Claim Status
How to Check EPF Claim Status

How to Check EPF Claim Status?

To know your EPF claim status, simply follow the steps below. This will enable you to check whether your claim is processed, pending, or rejected for specific reasons.

If your EPF withdrawal request is rejected, you have the option to reapply.

Tracking your EPF claim status is essential to staying updated on your application’s progress.

In this guide, we will take you through the straightforward steps to check your EPF claim status online.

Check EPF Claim Status in 5 Steps

Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has made it convenient for its members to check their PF claim status through various options.

EPFO offers an employee-centric online platform called the EPFO Login portal, where an EPF account holder can track claim status easily.

Alternatively, members can access EPF accounts using the UMANG app, a mobile application designed for easy access to EPF withdrawal requests including EPF claim status and much more.

To view claim status online, you can visit the EPFO portal and navigate to the ‘Claim Status’ option. Upon reaching the portal, the employee can log in using their UAN (Universal Account Number) and select the ‘Claim Status’ tab. (Read the below given step-by-step process with examples to know in detail).

Another option for checking claim status is through the toll-free number provided by EPFO.

Furthermore, employees can check their PF claim status by sending an SMS from their registered mobile number with the UAN.

This multi-channel approach ensures that EPF account holders have quick and convenient access to information regarding their claims.

Additionally, the EPFO has implemented the Scheme Certificate to provide a comprehensive view of the employee’s provident fund details.

For any assistance or queries, EPFO has a dedicated toll-free number for a seamless experience in accessing employee-centric services.

Step 1: Visit the EPFO Portal

Visit the official website of the EPFO which is

epf claim status

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Our Services’ Section

On the Homepage of the EPFO you can see “Services” Click on that and select “For Employees”. This will take you to a new page.

Step 3: Choose ‘Track Claim Status’

You can see the “Know your Claim Status” option in the Servies section.

Clicking on this will take you to the page where you need to log in to EPF using your UAN number and password. Activate UAN Number in case it is not activated already.

epf claim status

Step 4: Click on ‘Sign In’

After entering your UAN Number and the password click on “Sign In” This will take you to the EPF portal where you can check your EPF Withdrawal status.

Step 5: View Your EPF Claim Status

You can see “Claim” on the top click on this.

there will be 3 options “Pending Claim”, Settled “Claim”, and “Rejected Claim”.

Checking your EPF Withdrawal status is a simple process that provides you with information about the progress of your fund withdrawal or transfer. By following these simple steps on the EPFO portal, you can easily stay updated on your financial transactions.

Remember, staying informed about your EPF Withdrawal status ensures a smooth.

and, a transparent process, providing you with peace of mind regarding your financial matters.

In the digital age, managing your financial affairs has become more accessible and convenient.

The UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) app, launched by the Indian government, has streamlined various services, including checking your EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) claim status.

This user-friendly guide will walk you through the simple steps of using the UMANG app to track the progress of your EPF withdrawal or transfer.

  • Step 1: Download and Install the UMANG App: Start by downloading the UMANG app from your smartphone’s app store. Once installed, open the app and register or log in using your mobile number. after that, you need to enter your UAN number and Password
  • Step 2: Locate EPFO Services: Navigate through the app’s dashboard to find the EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) services. You can find this in the “Financial Services” or “Employee Centric Services” section.
  • Step 3: Select ‘Track EPF Claim’: Within the EPFO services, you’ll find an option to ‘Track EPF Claim.’ Click on this option to initiate the process of checking your claim status.
  • Step 4: View EPF Claim Status: The app will display the current status of your EPF claim. Common statuses include ‘Under Process,’ ‘Settled,’ or ‘Rejected.’ Take note of the status for your reference. (The below screen is empty because, at the time of writing this article, I do not have any claim).
  • Step 5: Additional Information: The UMANG app may also provide additional details about your EPF account, such as your current balance, previous transactions, etc. Explore these features to gain a comprehensive understanding of your EPF account.

When your EPF claim status shows “Under Process” for Form 31, it means that your withdrawal request is currently in review and processed by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

This stage involves the EPFO authorities verifying the details and ensuring that all necessary documents are in order.

The “Under Process” status indicates that your application is in progress, and the EPFO is working on facilitating the withdrawal of funds as per your request. It’s a crucial step in the overall process, and while the duration may vary, this status signifies that your application is actively being attended to by the EPFO team.

How can I check my EPF Withdrawal Status online?

To check your EPF Withdrawal Status online, visit the official EPFO portal, navigate to ‘Our Services,’ click on ‘For Employees,’
and, choose the ‘Track Claim Status’ option. Enter your UAN and captcha, click ‘Submit,’ and view your EPF Withdrawal Status.

What information do I need to check my EPF Withdrawal Status?

You will need your Universal Account Number (UAN).
and, the captcha displayed on the portal to check your EPF Withdrawal Status.

Can I check the EPF Claim Status for a withdrawal and transfer simultaneously?

Yes, you can track the status of both EPF withdrawal and transfer applications simultaneously on the EPFO portal.

How long does it take for the EPF Claim Status to be updated?

The EPF claim status updates within a few days of submitting your application. However, the exact duration may vary depending on the type of claim and the processing time at the EPFO.

What should I do if my EPF Withdrawal Status shows ‘Rejected’?

If your EPF Withdrawal Status is ‘Rejected,’ review the rejection reason mentioned on the portal. You may need to rectify the issue and reapply accordingly.

Is it mandatory to have a UAN to check EPF Withdrawal Status?

Yes, having a Universal Account Number (UAN) is mandatory to check your EPF Withdrawal Status as it serves as a unique identifier for your Provident Fund account.

Can I check my EPF Withdrawal Status through a mobile app?

Yes, some mobile apps provided by EPFO allow you to check your EPF Withdrawal Status conveniently on your mobile device.

Is there a fee for checking the EPF Withdrawal Status?

No, checking the EPF Withdrawal Status is a free service the EPFO provides.

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